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Platform by Inscape

Platform adapts. It’s a single office system with multiple capabilities that accommodate ever-changing office needs. No other office system can match it. Platform includes such options as workstation clusters, open beam concepts and mobile stations. Platform takes every shape.

Platform panel frames are generic and are shipped ready for installation. They are capable of accepting cable feeds, stack-on modules, glazed inserts or passthurs. Innovative metal-to-metal fasteners secure panels together, automatically aligning top caps. Platform permits continual reconfiguration and off-module connection without wear or damage.

Surface tiles may be specified in plain, embossed, perforated or screened steel in 60 standard, scratch resistant finishes, fabric covered steel or tackable acoustic.



Up by Tayco

Up is a contemporary office furniture solution designed to incorporate fine details that provide a sense of continuity throughout the workspace. 

Up incorporates a unique cantilever support system.  Components can be configured in multiple positions and heights, and the system is designed for simplicity in assembly. 

Up provides options and features that go beyond those of other desking, panel and post-and-beam systems.  Up is an all-in-one design solution that creates a combination of work environments and product solutions for any direction.