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Do you sit in your chair for the majority of the day? Chances are, you do. You may not think about it, but the chair you're sitting on could affect not only the quality of work of you do each day, but also your health. Today, many people experience pain and discomfort at work.

Experience true freedom of movement without knobs, locks and levers. Freedom by Humanscale promises to transform the way office seating is designed and utilized. Beyond traditional office seating, Freedom functions as a high performance work-tool – integrating technology, design and the science of human factors.Freedom from locks, freedom to move.

At Cunningham's, we know that good seating can reduce the risk of stress and injury to muscles and joints. A proper chair will encourage movement, provide a variety of positions and offer flexibility. The seating requirements for "office work" vary from task to task and user to user. The choice of chair should be made on the basis of the working position that predominates during your working day. We have a wide selection of all different types of chairs and would love to find one especially for you... we'll even let you try out a chair for a few days.

We offer a wide selection of chairs with names like Humanscale, Nightingale Corp., Canadian Atlas Furniture, Krug & Nienkamper. Contact us today to hear more

Our Showcase

Hello Freedom
The freedom chair was designed specifically to encourage frequent, spontaneous changes of position. There are no locks and no tension springs to negotiate. Instead there are elegant mechanisms that automatically support every position that you will assume throughout the day.

Say goodbye to manual adjustments
The freedom chair is designed to give the maximum ergonomic benefit to the sitter with a minimum number of manually adjusted controls. Once the chair is fitted, no further adjustment is required. The idea is that movement, which is essential for healthy body, shouldn’t be constricted by locking mechanisms and manual controls. In other words, sitting comfortably isn’t something you should have to think about.

Nightingale CXO:


The Nightingale CXO is well known for being "The most comfortable chair in the world. Period." There are 9 amazing aspects to the Nightingale CXO, including it's mesh backing, allowing for dynamic movement and the Enersorb foam (found in the seating surface, lumbar support and optional headrest) that conforms to your body when you sit and reverts to its natural form when you get up. The CXO fits your sense of style with several options to enchance your chair, including 7 different colours. It's all here to satisy your personal taste, while giving you the most extreme comfort possible.

Another great option from Krug:
4000-1 by Krug Studio
Studio is a finely scaled alternative to soft seating, and works especially well where space is at a premium or where a lighter presence of furnishings is desired. Tapered legs in brushed chrome and a subtle arch on the front face enhance the lightness of scale. Studio features a coil spring suspension system affording exceptional comfort.

Maple or oak stained seat and back are standard. A selection of standard and custom back cut-outs and engraving are available. Stain-to-match is no upcharge.

 Snowball 3
The Snowball Series is perfect for your space. Dress it up or go basic to create the perfect chair for your training, meeting, conference, or waiting rooms, or your cafeteria, lounge or office. You can connect any Snowball design for a structured, reconfigurable layout. Add spacer, radius corner and end tables...even tablet arms and baskets. Your options are extensive!